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The ending of a marriage or partnership can be extremely painful for a couple. To cope with the process of separation, which can be mentally and financially draining, many have families have begun to utilize therapy. Divorce therapy can help mediate and set guidelines to ensure that the divorce is achieved with minimal emotional damage. It can also address child custody issues, such as parenting, living arrangements, and financial responsibilities.

Post Separation Services

While separation and divorce can be among the toughest experiences you will have in life, counseling and other post-separation services are here to help you. Post separation therapy will help you to develop coping skills, improve conflict resolution, and enhance co-parenting your children now and into the future. Counseling can support you during this tough time, by helping both partners adjust to the feelings of loss and make changes for the future.

Major Benefits of Post-Separation Therapy:

  • Provides guidance for making decisions that have the best interest of the child or children in the family
  • Promotes cooperation and improves communication
  • Increases understanding of the issues by providing conflict, custody, and parenting resolutions.
  • Increases the probability of long-lasting family resolutions.
  • Reduces the number of family complications that could return over time.

Dispute/Conflict Resolution

During a divorce, disputes tend to arise over and over again. Families can overcome these obstacles by meeting with an independent therapist to discuss the differences that are impeding progress. Everyone gets the opportunity to express his or her own point of view and is free to talk about their concerns with everyone present. The therapist will assist each member to sort out the issues, come up with acceptable solutions, and make agreements with other family members. Other themes in the dispute resolution process include:

  • Listening to each other’s point of view
  • Identifying issues that need to be resolved
  • Sharing information
  • Exploring new ideas, options, and possibilities
  • Testing possible resolutions
  • Making decisions and agreements

Michael Casali, PhD is a licensed psychotherapist in the Greater Milwaukee, WI area specializing in Divorce and Custody services. He works to create a safe and supportive atmosphere where self-exploration and sharing can take place. Michael has practice locations on Milwaukee’s East Side and Germantown, WI.

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