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Divorce/Custody Services

Post Separation Services

Divorce can be painful and confusing for a family. Success depends on the ability of parents to work collaboratively, based on a thorough understanding of the child’s needs. Even though as a parent you want what is best for your child, the emotions triggered by divorce can make this difficult. We offer services to assist in mending relationships and creating an effective parenting plan to guide the new version of your family.

Post Separation Therapy/Coaching

Contrary to popular belief, the relationship between parents does not end at separation or divorce. Successful co-parenting is critical to the adjustment and well-being of the child and parents. Co-Parenting Coaching is geared toward building on the strengths of each parent to forge a fair and effective plan for their children. This is accomplished through improving communication and resolving disagreements that can emerge. The coach helps parents collaborate and come to an agreement on questions such as the child’s education, activities and integrating new family members into their life.

Dispute/Conflict Resolution

Research shows that parental conflict is the strongest predictor of a child’s poor adjustment post-divorce. Some parents require more focused attention on resolving differences before they can engage in collaborative co-parenting. This service helps parents adhere to the parenting plan and maintain a positive relationship with the children, while they work out lingering conflicts. The parent coordinator can serve as a “buffer” to keep the conflict from negatively impacting the child.

Child Specialist

It is common for the child’s needs and desires to be overshadowed by the divorce process. The child specialist works one-on-one to determine the child’s perspective on the family situation. The information gathered is passed on to parents (and others when needed) to give the child a “voice” in the divorce family planning. Recommendations to parents and/or the court are impartial and based on the best interest of the child.

Custody Evaluations

The goal of a custody evaluation is to provide objective information and recommendations to the court about physical placement, legal custody, and visitation. These reports have traditionally been geared towards professionals and not always written in a way contributes to achieving an effective family plan. Our approach incorporates parents’ strengths, hopes, and desires for their family. Results are conveyed in an understandable way that allows parents and others to utilize in the decision-making process.